Know you NO- A body autonomy education campaign

The ‘Now You No’ campaign is an education campaign targeted at parents and young school-aged children about consent and body autonomy. The aim is to change parents’ attitudes and give children the knowledge and power to control their bodies and make choices about how they use them in hopes of reducing the shocking rates of childhood sexual abuse in Australia.

Consent is a buzzword, but most people don’t start hearing it until they are in their preteens, which means there is a huge opportunity to start educating children earlier. When people

hear the word ‘consent’, they tend to automatically think about sexual consent, but consent is much more than that.

Consent education is more than ‘no means no’. It teaches children that permission is important and you can always change your mind.

When your child knows about getting and giving consent, they’re more likely to have healthy, respectful, safe and enjoyable relationships with their families, friends and peers. Teaching children the fundamentals of consent also helps them learn to set and enforce personal boundaries, whether this is for playing games, touching another’s body or asking for privacy.