I'm not usually a New Year's Resolution Girlie, but alas, in 2024, I am

I usually hate New Year's resolutions, but I hope that writing my goals out will help keep me accountable. This is my first year outside of university and joining the workforce, so running SammieQuaver Media will feel a little different during this adjustment period. On that note, here are some of my big goals for SammieQuaver Media in 2024.

Goal One: Build a Strong Online Presence

I have a website and socials, but I am forever falling behind and neglecting them. I have made a 3-month content plan to help me implement more consistency in my online presence. The platforms I will focus on are my website & SEO, Instagram/ Reels, Facebook, and potentially moving onto Pinterest in the near future. I will measure this by increasing reach and engagement with my content.

Goal Two: Establish a Niche

At the moment, I have so many different styles and interests- portraits, events, weddings, etc.- but I want to focus on the things I enjoy most. Once I establish my niche, I can target the right people.

Goal Three: Participate in Competitions

I am keen to start participating in photography competitions to help gain recognition, build credibility, and get new clients. The current events I am looking at are the Camden Show and the Easter Show. 

Goal Four: Get 4-5 bookings per month

I would love to get between 4-5 bookings a month. This will help keep funding my gear, but it is probably all I could handle alongside full-time work. We will see.

As the year goes on, these goals are like my roadmap, helping me figure out the ins and outs of running my media business in this new chapter of life. Each goal is my way of promising myself that I will grow, get creative, and keep pushing to turn my passion into a real-deal job. I'm excited to see how SammieQuaver Media changes and makes a mark in the vast world of visual storytelling. Cheers to a year of wins and challenges and to making my dreams happen!